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IBC Tracking Sheet (from InTouch)
IBC Action Plan (from InTouch)

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The following ideas are from Sr. Sales Director Marni Hendricks.  The documents are being used with permission and some have been adapted from her original documents.  Thank you, Marni!!
Tighten up your party process and MAXIMIZE YOUR MOMENTS!
watch Marni's video HERE 
(The entire video is worth every moment of your time! Marni's specific training starts around 10 min mark & goes to approx. 45 min mark)
Supplies Needed:
•3-ring Binder
•Clear envelopes for mailing Invitation Packets
  & "Missed You" Follow-up Packets
are available
  for purchase at My Girlfriend’s House (100/$14)

     link: CLEAR 11”x7” Self-Sealing Envelope 

Documents to Print (no personalization needed)
•Binder Section Pages (Print on white cardstock or
  regular paper. Slip into clear sheet protection for
  extra durability.) 
  Click HERE to print Binder Section Pages
•Hostess & Party Checklist
  Click HERE to print Hostess & Party Checklist

PERSONALIZED Documents to Print 
•Consultant Bio & Hostess Q&A Survey
  (personalize your bio once & save. Personalize 
  Hostess Q&A for each party.)
  Click HERE to print Cons. Bio & Hostess Q&A
  Click HERE to view and example
•Party Invitation (personalize invitation for each
  Click HERE to print Party Invitation
•"Missed You" Follow-up Coupon (for guests who
  were unable to attend) **REMEMBER TO CHANGE

  Click HERE to print Follow-up Coupon

Consultant IPA Tracking
Director IPA Tracking

2019 New Year Pledge (courtesy of Sharpe Area)
Career Conference Savings Envelope
  (to be printed on 8 1/2 x 11 full sheet label)
Seminar Savings Envelope
  (to be printed on 8 1/2 x 11 full sheet label)
21-day Booking Challenge (updated Nov. 2018)
Model Portfolio - Winter 2018

Reference Documents for NYKO 2017

Destination Red Tracking & Action Plan
Tray Inserts (for mirror trays)
        TimeWise 3D
Closing Sheet 
    Be-YOU-tiful Sets rev. 2/1/19
– Most Popular Sets rev 2/15/19 **UPDATED 2/15/19**
        **This closing sheet has been updated so that all products used in
               the TW3D facial & Dash-out-the-Door-Look are on the top row 
               of the sheet.**

Portfolio ~ Chromafusion Looks (part 1)
Portfolio ~ Chromafusion Looks (part 2)
Jewel Area Perfect 3-6-10-20 Tracking Sheet
Power Start Tracking
Monthly Sales Goal (Thermometer) Tracking Sheet
Hostess Packet (see below)
Skin Care Class Packet (see below)

Ready for a successful Skin Care Class that holds and yields life-long customers and future team members? Coach your hostess to success using the Mundy Area Hostess Packet and keep all her materials in one convenient location!

The Mundy Area Hostess Packet is designed to be made using:
    •10 x 13 inch White Catalog Envelopes
            (approx. $20 for 100 count, 10 x 13 inch, self-sealing catalog envelopes on

    •8-1/2" x 11" White Full Sheet Self-Adhesive Labels
             (approx. $14 for 100 count 8 ½  x 11 inch, White Full Sheet Address, Mailing & 
              Shipping Labels on Amazon)

Hostess Packet Label (click here to print)    
    Each section on the hostess packet envelope 
    label outlines the Hostess Bonuses available on the 
    lower right corner of the “back” label AND the “$100 
    FREE with ME” flyer.

Hostess Packet Contents:
    •5-10 business cards
    •4-6 current Look Books
    •8-10 MK Sales Tickets
    •$100 Free with Me (click here to print)
    •Shot at $200 (click here to print)
    •Starter Kit flyer (click here to print)
    •Team Building Packet (click here to print)

(for skin care & dash-out-the-door look)

Get Ready BEFORE You Need To Be Ready!
Simplify your party packing and your classes by putting these packets together in bulk ahead of time. Each packet contains everything you will need for your facial and Dash-out-the-Door Look. So, just grab a packet for each of your guests & you're on your way!

Skin Care Class clear envelopes are available for purchase at My Girlfriend’s House (100/$14)
     link: CLEAR 11”x7” Self-Sealing Envelope 

Skin Care Class Packet Contents:
    •MK Customer Profile Card
    •MK Sales Ticket
    •Ink Pen
    •MK Disposable Facial Cloth
    •(1) Q-tip
    •(1) Sponge-tip Applicator
    •(1) Cotton Pad (to remove eye make-up)
    •(1) Mascara Brush ~OR~ Sample Mascara 
                (mascara samples are ordered from InTouch)
    •(2) Mineral Cheek Color Samples 
                (Shy Blush & Golden Copper)
    •(1) Lip Gloss Sample 
                (Fancy Nancy, Café au Lait, or Golden)
    •(1) Lifesavers Mint

Tray Inserts, design from The Pink Bubble
   Volu-Firm Tray Insert
    •Time-Wise 3D Tray Insert
    Botanicals Tray Insert
    •ClearProof Tray Insert
    •Men's Tray Insert


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