National Sales Director Julia Mundy

Jewel Unit

Merry Christmas 2017 Jewel Unit!!! 

May I FIRST say....I am soooooo grateful to have yet another Christmas Season to express to you HOW MUCH I love, celebrate, appreciate, & believe in...YOU!!! THANK YOU for sticking together, sticking with me, cheering each other on, & being committed to growing together!!!

A few months ago, I discovered my folder from my Week of New Director Education with MARY Kay Herself! Full of COMPLETELY filled Pink Legal Pads, handouts, sample newsletters....& THIS! 

The Cookbook Mary KAY gave each of us filled with HER FAVORITE cookie recipes she always baked & served for her New Directors!!! 

I’ve had it re-made...THANK YOU Nora Bowen...for helping figure out how to make it happen, EVEN going as far to find the ORIGINAL fonts!!! 

If you are local....I surprised you with your OWN MK Cookbook & a few extras at our Unit Christmas Party! 

We are placing it here...correctly laid out so that you can print yours! We tried getting it in the newsletter... it the layout wouldn’t come out a limited is my VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU....HERE!!! 

I hope you’ll enjoy making memories w/ friends & family for YEARS to come...& that you’ll TREASURE it as I do as a gift from the very hands of our Founder your NSD! Such favor! Such legacy! Such a treasure! 

Merry Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, & See You at NYKO!!!

New Consultants
I am so excited to have you as part of our Unit!  As you are beginning this new venture, I encourage you to take advantage of all the resources available to you.  A good place to begin is right here!  This part of our website has been specifically designed for YOU, our newest Unit members.  Good luck as you begin and remember that my goal is to help you be as successful as you want to be!  ~Julia

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